Carnelian Energy Stone Necklace

Carnelian Energy Stone Necklace

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Stone Vibrations Carnelian Energy Stone Necklace
A natural Carnelian ring is tied into buttery soft deer skin lace with silver finishes.
Half round Copper wire wrapped in groupings of 3 - 3 coils in 3 groups around the circle.
The idea is that the copper coils will better integrate the stones vibrations with the bodies, enhancing it's effects.

Because carnelian crystals and stones boost creativity it is known as ‘The Artists Stone’. It also gives you confidence, motivation and the individuality needed to succeed.

However it is also very useful for anyone taking on large projects or trying to make changes in their life. Carnelians give you energy to carry out the needed tasks. While protecting you from the negative emotions that often come when facing challenges.

Because of its red colors it sometimes is associated with strength, love and passion. The astrological sign of carnelian is Virgo, some sources add Aries and Taurus to that however. Its chakra is the 2nd chakra, known as the spleen or navel chakra. Carnelian is a traditional birthstone of August.
Carnelian is most famed as a gemstone used for boosting energy, however there are more uses as a healing stone. Because its chakra is the 2nd or navel chakra most of its powers are focused there. Carnelian can help with digestion, menstrual cramps and boosts your metabolism among others.

2 leather colors available
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